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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our love
Dedicated to Robert Edward King, IV

Submitted by Heather

My life changed forever on the afternoon of June 4, 2002. That was the day my (now) fiancÚ and I became a couple. Instead of the two individuals we had been, hanging out together, getting to know each other and always having great fun, we became something lasting, something precious, two people believing in their life together.

We had known each other for only a month and a half, but when he asked me to be his exclusively, it seemed so right. It didn't matter that we hadn't known each other long, it only mattered that we wanted to. A few days after I told him "yes" he wrote me this note, which I always carry close to my heart no matter where I go or what I'm wearing. He said:

" I just felt like writing you a quick note to tell you I really care for you so much. You make me happy and alive. You're the kind of person I've always dreamed about, someone funny, interesting, unpredictable and a blast to be around. I just wanted you to know that little but very important thing I feel about you. Hopefully that 3 year plan works out. So far I think we are on the right track. I Love you."

Just before our 2 year anniversary, I planned a trip to Washington D.C. for him. He had never been to our nation's capital and he had been wanting to go for such a long time. We had a perfect weekend and just before we left he proposed to me right on the Capitol lawn.

We are planning a June, 2005 wedding and we both marvel at how "on track" we are with our 3-year plan!! We will be married exactly three years after that wonderful afternoon of the 4th in 2002.

We want our honeymoon to be as romantic and beautiful as the way we feel about each other. What better place to realize our dream than Hawaii, truly the most romantic and beautiful spot on earth?

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