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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My Soldier Coming Home
Dedicated to Paul Lannom

Submitted by Elishia

We have weathered through the storms of Kuwaitt, and Bagdad for almost a year and a half. The true meaning of love we knew, before you left home. The true meaning of "life", we know even better now. The tears and fears that we have endured will be just a memory soon. We just got the word that "you" will be home by the end of July. I am planning a vacation for you. You so much deserve the best! I realize you are tired of the sand and the heat but there is no better sand and heat then the tropical paradise of Hawaii from what I hear and see on the internet. I know we have always dreamed of going to Hawaii. We also can see Pearl Harbor. I have saved as much as I could and worked two jobs while you have been away to make the time pass to keep from being so depressed without you. If you choose not to go anywhere I will understand for all I ever want is for us to never be apart again. I am proud to be your wife and the step mother of your children. I will love you until the day I die. I love you "my Paul", "my solder", with everything. Hurry home to me.

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