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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Summer My Life Changed
Dedicated to A Great Person

Submitted by Alissa

It was May 29th when my family and I finally arrived in Hawaii. My first time to ever see the beautiful creation of the ocean against the sand. I remember when i first stepped out of the car and felt the warmth of the sun hitting the sand on my feet. I remember the smell of the air, the smell of ocean water and food being cooked on a pit. As i searced around to find where the mouth watering smell was coming from, i found my eyes gazing upon a beautiful face. As he came up out of the water, flipped his lengthy blond hair out of his face. I saw his beautiful blue eyes, the color of the ocean water enhancing the color in his eyes to where they were sparkling. Then he came running out of the water and i saw the deep tan across his body. My eyes met his and it was like we were being pulled to come together. As he came closer i was able to see his gental smile and his cute dimple on the left side of his lips. Being intrigued with the sound of his voice i almost missed his name, "hi, i'm Travis," he said. Hi my names Kendal. From that moment on, we were inseperable. Every night we took walks on the dry sand as we listened to the sound of the waves being drowned out by the sound of our voices. We would sit together on the jettie watching the sunset, the site of the last bit of light hitting his face and then the water before it was gone for the evening. We spent that entire summer together, the summer when i was 17 and he was 18. I am now 19 and he is 20 and last year he moved to my home town so we could be closer together. My family loves him and he loves all of them. We are currently going to college together and planning on traveling together for a little while, revisting the place where fate took hold of our hands and brought them together, the place where we first kissed, the place where we first met.

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