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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love is forever
Dedicated to JR Roberson

Submitted by Marija

Well I met my husband in Hanau, Germany in 2001. Basically right after I graduated from high school. Growing up wasn't allowed to date, but I had to be with him. It was like when I seen him he made my bones shake. I was 18 and he was 19, it was like puppy love. I would go to the extreme to be with him. In most cases it even seem like I had to let go of my family. I called him my personal hero. Besides God, it was like he was the only one to take me away from my problems at my home. He took me to a place I thought I will never ever go. My mother told me growing up, you have to pray for your soul mate. So I did pray for him at the age of 15yrd.

As time went on my life was going upside down. There was no way out. My mother and her husband made my life a living hell. Times got real tough, and I thought he would eventually leave me. But he never thought about it. He always told me, he will wait for me no matter how long it will take. A year went by and I had to move from Germany back to the US. But my husband was in the military and it was his time to go. So we put our relationship on hold until he move back.

Being apart was so hard, it was about six months and if felt like two years. But he told me he will come and rescue me. Like always he kept his word, and came back to the US and got station to the same state I was living in at the time. So he proposed to me two days before he got deployed to fight in war. I was said again and prayed that he will make it back in one piece. God granted me that wish. So he returned five months later and we got married, but we didn't have a honey moon, because of our financial status. Our dream vacation and also honey moon would be some were in Hawaii.

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