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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Woman that I love
Dedicated to Monica Kratochvil

Submitted by Charles

I have so little time, want to say the right words to you, and know that words can never express what you mean to me, or who you are.

Today's sunshine is a reflection of you, just as yesterday's rainstorm. It is an emotional tundra of feelings with a depth and texture that is not measurable. I love you simply and completely, with everything that is me. You are everything for me.

I stand in the shadow of today's sunlight along the beaches in Hawaii and see you. I looked past the wisping clouds in yesterday's twilight sky and saw you in the stars. Your hug still clings to me, welcomes me and hold me to you with bonds that circle my soul and my life. Your kiss still radiates through my mouth, with the electric sensation of your tongue touching mine, our souls passing together for a moment in times. I think of our limbs yearning to twine together and join together vibrant, searching and needing each other. And I pause as I look into your eyes, the window, the passage into Monica the woman that I love.

Never feel guilty for the short time we spend together, as a moment with you is more than an eternity without you. It is as if a great emptiness without sound, feeling, sight, or any of the other senses were suddenly filled with the joyous life of a beautiful bird soaring, racing, radiating, bursting with life, and then vanishing. Would one not have want to experience this? My joy is the memory of this, my sorrow is the longing to be again with you and I feel the balance of both.

I will take you with me wherever I go.

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