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Love Stories of Hawaii


My One True Love
Dedicated to Robinson Family

Submitted by Anonymous

I discovered my One True Love on my first unforgetable trip to Hawaii. It was the beautiful place itself. I will never forget my first impression when I layed eyes on this wonderful place. It is truly paradise.

I met a local family on the North Shore of Oahu who were just delightful, they give the word "Aloha" a whole new meaning. They were gracious and made me feel like part of their family, inviting me to go night fishing with them and a family luau. It was a time I will never forget, on subsequent visits I always made time to visit this wonderful, then on my last trip was sad to learn that they had moved to the mainland because their business failed. I am looking forward to my next trip in 12 months and 12 days, but it will never be the same without the "Robinson Family".

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