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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Love Affair With Hawaii
Dedicated to My mother who passed away.

Submitted by Charles

Excitement bubbles over inside of me as I think of Hawaii. I am a 19 year old studying journalism/psychology down in the South. I have a dream to get to Hawaii and study there for a semester. I talk to anyone who will listen about it. I have no money and scarce resources, but I must make it there and at that I plan to be there in the Spring of 2005....somehow. I believe that if I keep at it then things will work themselves out. I was going to write an elaborate summation of how I feel about Hawaii, but that would do my feelings little justice. To be in Hawaii to me means to go to a magical place filled with opportunties for growth and experience. The culture there is beautifully diverse and the chance to surf or scuba dive is just overwhelmingly exciting. What can I say except that I could write all day about it! Hawaii means going somewhere that even my imagination cannot contend with. A place that exists in my dreams. If I make it to Hawaii, I will watch that sunrise every chance I get and I will soak in every aspect of my surroundings with a gratitude deeper then I can describe. Keep in mind that I am a writer and can articulate most anything! I might even learn to draw or photograph just for the sake of Hawaii. Life is such a sweet journey and I want to spend part of it in Hawaii. So...should I start my crying and turn on the violin music? HEHE

Please email me if you have any ideas on financial support or on just getting there or anything else!

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