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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

All over the Telephone
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Anonymous

For 13 years, I have raised my son alone. I worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I was not looking for a relationship; but it found me. I was in sales and talked to people all over the US. One day I called a business 2000 miles away and this guy started flirting with me. He even had the audacity to fax me his home telephone number and call me at home. As mad as it made me at the time, I called when the curiosity got the best of me. We continued to have nightly conversations for the next following nine months and we became very good friends. Then for Valentines Day I flew out to see him. I had no idea what he looked like and I did not even care. He could have been purple with pink dots and it really did not matter. We toured the south following the nachos trace. I soon sold my home and my son and me moved there was no going back. My son was all for it! We have been married almost 7 years and have a relationship most dream of. We have raised our son who is now in the US Navy and happily married. I am entering this contest because we have NEVER been on a honeymoon, and Hawaii has always been a dream.

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