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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love at First Sight
Dedicated to My Husband Chris Converse

Submitted by Donna

My husband Chris told me years later that he knew he was going to marry me from the first time that he saw me, which I found hard to believe because when he first saw me I had my entire face painted . He said to his friend, "See that girl over there I am going to marry her." I was not aware of his presence then because I was too busy with the group of students who were also getting their faces painted and playing the bongo drums.

We met very romantically strumming guitars that night with about 10 other students. We were both in college and interestingly enough with other people. He had a date (or friend who wished she was a date) and I was with two friends of the male persuasion. We ended up being there the whole night, It was May 1st and we were with about 7 other college kids. We sang songs and played guitars all night. When it was getting towards the middle of the night we were getting cold and someone brought some blankets for us. I ended up sharing a blanket with my husband. We sang our hearts out. Then someone said that it would be getting light pretty soon and we should go and watch the sun come up on the hill outside of town. We all jumped into cars and went to the hill. Chris was the only one who came with me. I drove my car to the hill following his directions. When we got there we sat on the hill and waited for the others to come. They did not show up. I said,"Hey, where is everybody else at?" Chris said that they must have went to another hill. We sat there and watched the sun come up together. This was the first day we met and the sunrise was the dawning of our lifetime relationship.

We married two years later and went to Maui in Hawaii on our honeymoon. I have since thought it would be my lifetime dream to return to Maui in the Hawaiian islands together after all these years.

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