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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Again in Heaven
Dedicated to Sean

Submitted by Anonymous

Once torn apart from my grandma, I needed someone with a helping hand to aid my distress. My sister's words did not relieve me, and my mother was far in shock, that only my dad could help her out of the depths she had fallen. Continuing my search outside of the family lines, a complete surprise happened when my high school friend came with a consoling hand. Not having to explain any the overbearing emotions, since he also had lost a family member, Sean waked me through, with a steady hand, while I was letting go of a dear loved one. Now years later, my family and I have looked back and remembered the hurtle we overcame, with our beloved grandmother passing on. Sean has been by my side ever since then, and also has asked my hand in marriage. I would like to thank him in a way that he would not think possible with my income, by surprising him with a vacation to Hawaii. Trying long and hard I have not been able to scrounge up the money needed to have a decent stay. Hoping that this heart warming story will help others I will continue to remember my grandma.

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