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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love At A Great Distance
Dedicated to Chris and our incredible love story

Submitted by Anonymous

I had been dating off and on for awhile and on of my friends had told me to try an internet dating serice. That way you could look up the info on someone and compare to others that you were interestedin. So I tried it and after a month or so I didn't really find anyone that I thought I would like to get to know better.One day I was browsing through profiles and I happened upon a very intersting profile of a guy who happened to be in the military.I then read the profile and was very interested so I sent a message to him if he was interested in me to message me back. Well a few weeks went by and then I recieved a message from him. He was/is currently serving in Iraq and would be there for several for months, thats why it took so long to get a responce he had been out on a mission.So we started emailing each other and then in a few months I gave him my phone number so he could call me. As it turned out he had growed up just a few miles from my house. Although we had never met living so close to each other things were going along very well. I later found out that my parents and some of my other family members knew his parents. Also that his sister and I worked at the same company. As of today he is still in Iraq and we are hoping that he will get to come home in 90 days or so. The last time that he called we had discussed in great detail of what we would do when he does get to come home for a R&R leave and we both decided that we would go to Hawaii for a week or so. We ahd both always wanted to go and thought that would be a great place to go to get toknow each other.Even though we have never met and we are several thousand mile apart we are getting along very well.We talk weekly or whenever he can call. We always think it is so strange that we were so close for so long and never actually seen one another. For tow people to have never met we seem like we have know each other for years. That is something that neither one of us can explain. We would like very much to win this trip it would mean the world to both Chris and I.

Thank you very much,
Wendy Elmore and Chris Harmon

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