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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Mr. Romantic Soldier
Dedicated to My Brandon

Submitted by Anonymous

Junior year in highschool was my favorite year! I meet the man of my dreams, Brandon. We were only bestfriends for 8 months but he wanted more. Me being a normal girl, didnt want to lose my bestfriend over a relationship and was scared that it would take place. Finally coming over my fears, we started dating May 11th, 2002. It was wonderful, every moment! He spoiled me all the time, did the sweetest things, all the little things like leaving cards on my car, roses for no reason, special dates for no occusion at all. For our one year he took me to a Ranger game and had us put on the BIG screen and underneath said Happy Anniversery to Brand and Megan and my present was a star, yes a true star is dedicated to me. There was nothing that could be better until, he signed up for the army. He was a year older then me, a senior, and instead of college he picked to serve his country. I cant blame him for wanting to do such a heroic thing, but why during a time of war? But it happened, he shipped off to basic July 25th, 2003. I got a letter everyother day, sometimes even more. As he is going through so muc, he still found time to write his love. I got to go see him for exactly 36 hours in Kentucky and then we went our seprate ways again. Finally ater his individual training, he came home for a week and we did something special everyday. On Christmas eve he found out where he was going ot be stationed, HAWAII! Not exactly our first pick since I am currently in high school in Texas. We hardly see eachother but it will be our two year anniversery May 11th, 2004. We our still perfect as we were then and I pray nothing ever changes. My love for him will never change and I am sure that his will never change also. This trip would be wonderful to go visit him because who knows when I will see him next. Thank you!

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