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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Guardian Angel
Dedicated to Ricky Brooks

Submitted by Sunshine

God sent a Guardian Angel in my life.

When I first heard his voice on the phone at work, I almost melted, like a Hot, Steamy day laying on Waukiki Beach in Hawaii. I had to meet this voice in person. It was a magical meeting, tall, dark and handsome with a voice to die for. I thought I was in Heaven. After our gathering, I knew I had been sent my Guardian Angel.

I am going through a Nasty, malicious divorce and I have a man in my life that came unexpected. It must be a higher power that brought him into my life. In spite of my chaotic situation, I have a partner that has been my Very supportive even when my own family has not been encouraging.

I have two daughters and he has welcomed us with open arms Unconditionally. Not every day do you find a Partner that uplifts your spirits, be there for emotional stability and loves you totally in a short period of time. At times I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

I finally have a man in my life that don't take me for granted and has shown me to appreciate and value Myself first, then I will know how to appreciate someone else. I can cry on his shoulders, talk to him about anything and know I can depend on him 100%.

Things happen in your life for a reason and God place people in your life for a reason. I am Truly thankful for a my Partner and I can't THANK him enough for being a positive guidance in my life. He is every woman's Dream Man. Great lover, companion, friend, support financially, assist with my kids, cook, clean house, makes me look good in everyone's eyes.

I love this man with all my heart. This time I have a jewel and I want us to grow old together.

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