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Love Stories of Hawaii


Heaven on Earth
Dedicated to Thomas Miskill

Submitted by Judith

Living in Miami, I never thought about going to Hawaii. It's very far, two long flights and my idea was "ok, ocean, palm trees and flowers………what could be so different than Florida?"

With my 50th birthday approaching and many frequent flyer miles, my husband and I discussed where to celebrate. As I had been emailing my cousin in Kauai back and forth, I suggested we go there. With great apprehension, we did some research on the internet and saw the great beauty and undeveloped island that Kauai is and Florida is not. We booked ‘em.

We arrived late in the evening, and drove 45 minutes from the airport to the north end of the island. It had been a long day, and we were anxious to get to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, I realized what the word paradise truly means. I was stunned by what I saw. We overlooked the ocean, sitting on a cliff, with beautiful palms on either side. The surf was roaring in and out in the distance, I saw lots of activity going on. I grabbed the binoculars and saw whales breeching! I shrieked so loud, I woke my husband. This was one of the many memorable moments we would have over the next ten days.

We spent the week exploring this beautiful island, and became entranced with the sound of the wind, the cool breezes and lush foliage. But the best was yet to come. The second to last day there, we drove to the complete other side of the island, down a bumpy, potholed road for 5 miles. We had no idea what was at the end but followed our map. It took 45 minutes for the drive, through cane fields so high, you could barely see the tops of the mountains. When we finally reached the end, all we could see was sand dunes. Up we went, hot and sweating until we reached the top. What we came upon was the most amazing site and it will never ever leave my mind. It was Poli Hale beach, where the dead souls depart the island. There is great spiritual energy surrounding beach and you could feel it in your soul. Empty but for about 20 people, miles of untouched beach headed up by cliffs on the north side. The water was a thunderous surf, with swells that broke into crashing waves.

As we walked to the very end of the beach, we heard a cry up in the cliffs. We saw caves and thought there might be some kind of birds up there. The cry became a familiar bleat and I looked through the binoculars to a herd of mountain goats!!! We stayed for hours and didn't want to leave.

On our last day, we got up that morning and decided we couldn't leave the memory of yesterday, so headed back there. We dubbed it "the end of the earth".

We're going back.

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