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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to The Hawaiian People

Submitted by Paul

I sat watching the blue sky kiss the sparkling mist as it rolled across the pounding sea. Touching my face with a softness felt only by those in love with the tranquility of Hawaii. I often sat here on the shores of Hawaii looking out over the vast ocean as it kisses the beaches with a foaming white glistening hue of magic. I am drawn back to this magical place each night as I sleep. The rhythm of the music the laughter of its people. The joy shared by all who venture to this island paradise. Blue Hawaii is as you imagine, gentle beaches loving people willing to share the magic of Hawaii with all that dare to visit. A slow piecefull stroll on one of the many beaches. Listening to the slow melody of the ocean as it crashes against the sandy beaches. The coolness of the water as it brushes and swirls about your feet. Soothing the body relaxing the mind causing thoughts of beauty to fill your mind. Blue Hawaii, yes the paradise that never leaves you. It is always inside of you, filling your mind and heart with laughter and joy. With memories of yesterday to moments of joy today.

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