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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Paradise found
Dedicated to Gene and Julie Balbach

Submitted by Van

I was a widow and met my new friend on a touring-coach, on which he was the driver. A year after we met, he had to drive a filmcrew that was making a documentary about Father Damian, cal-led "Simple Courage". The cameraman (Gene) was told that my friend has been in Hawaii once to vi-sit a Father-relative who died not long after that visit and that he couldn't stop telling about the wonders of Hawaii. Because of that and because of the fact that Gene and my partner be-came close friends during his stay in Belgium, he invited us to visit him in Oahu. At that time we could not afford to do so, but the next year the crew came back with a few people of Molokai for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Father Damians death. They asked us again to come and visit them, and this time we did, be-cause my friend was eager to show me the splender of the Hawaiian Islands. Once in Honolulu, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature, the spe-cial sounds of the birds, the brightness of the sunset and the kindness of the people. We admi-red the volcanos and learned about the legend of Pele, we climed the Haleakala, wondered at the Kilauea and strolled along sparkling waterfalls, and many things more. We shared a Luau and the Hollidays, we drank Mai Tai and ate steak an lob-ster. It was living a dream ! We also went to Kalaupapa where we met a lot of wonderful people and I was touched by the warmth of the patients there, after a few days I could hardly leave Mo-lokai. The only thing I am still longing for is to meet all the friends once more, to inhale the air and to enjoy the fresh smell of the ocean, and especially to celebrate the reunion with that charming couple Gene and Julie that gave us the opportunity to stay at their home and to live a wonderful time. Visiting the Hawaiian Islands was just "A dream come true" for us. We found unique and everlasting friendship, unspoiled nature, magnificent history of the native people, in one word " WE FOUND PARADISE" !!!

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