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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

When we were young
Dedicated to My husband Shawn

Submitted by Khristina

Dear Shawn,

Did you ever feel like our relationship was a movie? You know one of those movies that you scream at the charcters because you know that they were meant to be together? I mean think about it, in love stories the two lovers meet when they were very young. We met when we were five. You said that you remembered me wearing a white dress and I just remembered you as annoying. We were only together in the same class once a week and then one day it was over. I never thought I would see you again. Boy,was I wrong! Twelve years later we met again, only we were in high school and volunteering in the same agency. I would see you all the time. I still thought you were annoying. Except it was an older annoying, the cocky annoying. You would flirt and hit on me and tell my boyfriend at the time that you could take me away from him. Perisitant, hard-headed, cocky and well just down right irritating! This went on for three years. Finally your peristance won in the end and in one magical night all the traits that were intolerable somehow became charming. So charming that I realized that everything in a soul mate that I had been searching for, I found in you. From that one night, I never wanted to be without you and I haven't been without you in the last eight years. In that eight years, we are happily married with a beautiful son. You have given me paradise. I know that we are busy building our lives together and a honeymoon was put on the back burner but I want to show you a paradise that is close to the one you have given me. Hawaii is the only thing that comes close. Being there with you is my greatest wish for you. So our lives can have a fairy tale begining where we can watch the sunset over clear waters holding hands.

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