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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our trip to Hawaii
Dedicated to Vince Fontana

Submitted by Tamara

Vince and I were married on April 27, 1996. We both had been married before and I had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant during my first marriage. Vince said that having children was not an issue for him one way or the other. Vince promised me that if we did not have a child by our fifth anniversary that he would take me to Hawaii-a BIG promise for him because he HATES to fly. I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii and having children. Our fifth anniversary came and went with no trip to Hawaii and 5 miscarriages. Vince and I have been on numerous vacations together-all by automobile. We have been to Copper Harbor, Michigan at least 6 times-his ideal vacation, plenty of fishing and wildlife. I am a city girl however and by the 2nd day I am ready to come home:) We have also been to the Pocono Mountains, New York City, Las Vegas, the northern coast of California, Colorado, Arizona, Chicago, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky.

We have a wonderful marriage, however while we are on vacation we always have at least 1, usually 2 big blowout arguments. Always silly arguments that do not last long, but friends and family that have been with us on a few of these vacations can't believe that we have argued that way since we normally do not at home.

Vince surprised me and took me to Hawaii on our 7th anniversary. We had 4 glorious days in Honolulu. We stayed at a hotel right on Waikiki beach. We then flew to Maui for 7 wonderfully romantic days and nights. I couldn't believe it, but we did not have cross words for the entire time that we were there and made a vow to each other that any future vacation we go on, if we start to have a heated discussion we will remind each other of our time in Hawaii. It truly was paradise:)

I still am not able to talk Vince into flying though. He said every trip we take in the future will be automobile unless we are able to get back to Hawaii.

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