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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love lost, love found.
Dedicated to my loving wife Jennifer

Submitted by Anonymous

Robert, thinking about the life he had, and the love he lost, was sitting at the table, looking out at the ocean at Poipu beach, his home since he was a small child. He looks at the Hawaii sunset. Something he took for granted for so many years, now brought tears to his eyes. "What have I done?", he says to himself, wiping away tears that freely flow. Remembering times past, when all that was important in life were playing in the ocean, and body surfing at Brenneke's beach, simpler times.

Now he has a little girl, Malia, and a soon to be ex wife, both in Tennessee. Both waiting for him to arrive the following day. If it wasn't for his daughter he would never leave.

On his last night on Kauai, his friends took him to Keoki's for dinner and a final goodbye. After dinner, while he and his friends were remenicing about the 'good ole days', he sees her. Simply the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. Short black hair, dazzling blue eyes, and the most beaufiful face that he had only seen in his dreams. He did notice though, that she seemed extremely sad, sitting at a table with a couple sitting across form her.

A short time later, while leaving Keoki's, Robert motioned for the flower girl, bought a Ginger lei, and told the flower girl to to give it to the young lady, and tell her that someone thought that, like Hawaii, she was much too beautiful to look so unhappy, and hoped that this fragerant lei would help her to remember that. Upon watching the flower girl give the lei to to young lady, he saw the most pristene smile come to young woman's face. He then walked out.

After leaving Keoki's, Robert stopped and reflected, that no matter where he and his little girl ended up, or no matter what obsticles life set in his way. The feeling of aloha, and the spirit of Hawaii would always be with him, and he knew he would be okay.

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