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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Family Reunion
Dedicated to The Victorino Family

Submitted by Anonymous

My love story is one that includes many family members. I have been concentrating on family love; my romantic love story of my wonderful husband of 40 years, still goes on.

I have been planning a family reunion in Hilo. It will be the first reunion that the Victorino family has celebrated. The love I am thinking of consists of so many long, lost relatives that I have located. I left HAWAII in 1959 and lost contact with most of my relatives. I discovered many other relatives lost contact with each other also.

We are having the reunion this August in Hilo and are very excited to see each other. We have heard many love stories between each other of both romantic and family love.

One cousin lost his wife to cancer ten years ago. Thousands of miles away in New York, a stranger in New York lost her husband. She took a trip to Maui to gain some peace; met my cousin; they fell in love and have been happily married.

HAWAII is truly a place of love.

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