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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Soul Mate
Dedicated to Larry Mackeben

Submitted by Gena

It all began one summer day in the backyard of my apartment building. I was sunning myself, drinking in the warmth and dreaming of Hawaii, when I thought I could feel someone watching me. I opened my eyes and looked but found no one, so I figured it was my imagination. Time went on the daily grind of raising two children alone seemed to be my destiny. The divorce had left me alone and scared of a new relationship. I tried dating and was never able to find that very special someone.

My single friends and I went out to a local gathering place when I noticed someone from my apartment bulding. I went up and introduced myself,we spent the rest of the evening talking laughing and just enjoying each others company. We dated for a long time before we acted on our romantic feelings for each other. I had never met anyone that was content to get to know me without wanting more than I wanted to give. We were married two years after meeting. It was a long engagement but we really got to know each other and were commited to each other no matter what.

Who really knows if a person will endure the tradegies of life.

Well my new husband of eight months would be put to the test. I came home from work one Fabruary day with a headache after a horrible day as a supervisor, managing people can be very trying at times. I went to the basement where my husband Larry was to talk and to tell each other about our day. We talked and I had a overwelming unsettling feeling. I just couldn't shake this horrible feeling. So we finished talking and it was time to get started on dinner anyway, I figured keeping busy would help and it was almost time for the children to get off the bus, so I started dinner. I then started to really feel odd so I sat down to rest then panic set in. I tried to get up and couldn't get my right leg to work so I yelled for my husband. It must have been a cry he has never heard before a cry of panic. He was by my side in a matter of seconds. We called the ask a nurse program in our area and from there went staight to the hospital not knowing that our lives would be changed forever. A blood vessel had leaked in my head, by the time I had gotten to the hospital I had lost my speech, my right side was completely paralized. I went into a coma from the pressure on the brain from the golf ball sized blood clot. After many tests the doctors gave Larry the bad news and he had to decide would it be surgery or a drug that would desolve the clot. The problem was I could die with either choice but the clot would had to be removed. So he prayed with friends and famiy and made the choice of surgery. After many months in the hospital and lifetime of problems, I am the person that I am today. I have never gained the use of my arm but have gained partial use of my leg so I can walk with a brace. My speech is back and most people never know there was a time that I couldn't talk at all. I will always have problems and they will get worse as I get older. It was not easy for any of us and especially for my new husband he would have to both mother, father, cook, laundry person, taxi, wage earner, and therapist. His Love for us was so true that he endured and did what ever it took to protect everything our little family from being torn apart. I don't know how I was able to find such a wonderful man, but I know he must have been sent from heaven just for me. He doesn't think he has done anything extrodinary but I know he has and now I want to share with the world how incrediable he is. I don't know if I could have done what he has, I would like to think I could, but who really knows until your in that situation. We are still married today and will be celebrating our Thirteenth annivesary in July 2004. Larry I Love you and Thank God for you everyday!!! You will forever be my Soul Mate.

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