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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Little Boy's Prayer
Dedicated to My Matthew

Submitted by Paula

When you were a kid, did you wonder who you might marry when you grew up? If you already knew them or what they would be like? Well, my Matthew did and he asked God if he could meet his future wife while still a kid.

At 15 he threw a party at his house. He had his eye on me, this 14 year old girl who didn't know him. Later when others began dancing, he brought his two buddies over and the three of them began slow dancing around me. I felt silly but went along with it. Soon my discomfort dissipated, though, as this sweet energy began pulling me towards Matt. Slowly I crept, turning clockwise in his direction. Within moments I found myself 'at home' in this stranger's arms. It was such a magical, cosmic embrace the other two guys left us.

Song after song played and he held me close. With my cheek in his bosom, we danced even after the music stopped and the living room lights were turned on. We couldn't stop, it was like the world disappeared. But my ride came and without speaking a word, I left. On the drive home I was dizzy! What was that? I'd danced with other boys, but this was so profound my stomach was queasy!

Months later our mutual friend pushed him to ask me out and I said yes. Nothing in life compared to the wonder and goodness we felt with each other. Our love was so full. But like most childhood sweethearts, life separated us and sent us down different paths.

Twenty years later I was going through a divorce and wondered if I'd ever again know the magic I once experienced in my youth. In desperation, I searched for and found the only soul who ever understood mine. He was two hours away. I wrote inquiring, "Why can't I find love like we once had?" He wrote back, "Paula, I love you... I always have. When I heard your name my heart stopped."

Within weeks we discovered how the two paths we'd taken led us to grow more together than apart! We'd become dynamically compatible in every way. We even had the same dreams of planting gardens, hiking in the rain, and taking trips to Hawaii. We fell in love all over again... only harder and deeper this time. For the boy who once stole my heart was now the amazing, awesome man of my dreams! And now we could finally be married.

He prayed that prayer as a little boy, met me as a teenager, and now we discover we're two peas in a pod and that his prayer was answered. Even more interestingly is the fact that after we broke up in our late teens my Matthew had a vision of two headstones side by side; one bearing his name, the other mine. He knew all along...

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