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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Taking time for Longing Hearts
Dedicated to All hearts who long for their match

Submitted by Kristin

At night, he is the last person I think about and the first I dream about. When I wake in the morning he is who I think about and who makes me smile during the day. Amazing, he does it from hundreds of miles away. Shen and I have been dating long distance for the majority of our relationship. It has been hard, so you can imagine how precious time is to us. But, when we see each other, the world seems to demand we pay our attention elsewhere. The phone rings, there's a problem with school or the apartment, the dog needs to go out, money is short, one of us is sick or hurt, he has to stay up where he is.....the list goes on. I have free time off and then I can't see him or the reverse. We have gotten caught up in the hum-drum of the everyday mundane american life of college graduates. We would love to get away for a while---I would love to get away for a while. I have been dreaming about us and Maui for about two or three weeks. The beaches, the flowers everywhere, the warm ocean. Just the thought of the calm ocean breeze and the waves crashing makes me giddy. The scenery--we could do anything we wanted to---or nothing at all. The idea of a vacation without strings attached--no phones---no one else but me, shen and Maui. The idea simply takes my breath away. I have long yearned to see Hawaii, but I wouldn't want to see it without him. Our hearts are longing for time together without the rest of the world. In Maui, the rest of the world would have to take a number!

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