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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Second Chance Romance
Dedicated to The parents we'll never forget

Submitted by Kathy

It was Christmas Eve 1992. My life was at an all-time low. Mother died suddenly in August, and my divorce was soon to be final. My daughter, Tara and I were at Dad's, trying to find a little Christmas warmth for us all.

On my way into the house, I retrieved Dad's mail from the box (something I had NEVER done before). I was startled to see a card addressed to ME. The handwriting was familiar. An old flame, Doug.

My relationship with Doug started back in 1970. He was beginning Naval flight training and I, my teaching career. Our parents were best friends, and had been trying their skills at matchmaking, to no avail, for sometime. We FINALLY agreed to meet each other just to placate them. To our amazement, we hit it off and were "an item" for a couple of years. We frequently flew to each other's side for romantic weekends, but the long-distance romance became difficult, with the handsome pilot flying to exotic destinations, and I wanting family and security. We eventually went our separate ways.

Then, that Christmas Eve of 1992, my life changed forever. Some twenty-two years later, unbelievably, Doug sent me a Christmas card, updating me about his life. I responded, writing him about my Mom's death, my divorce, and mentioning a cruise that my Dad, daughter and I were taking in January to lift our spirits.

Soon I received a call from Doug. It was as if we had never been apart, as we filled each other in on the last two decades. We vowed to get together as soon as possible, but he was in Florida and I in Kansas City. Distance, again, was a problem in our relationship.

The day of the cruise arrived. The first night Dad, Tara and I were seated at a small dinner table, when a gentleman asked if he could join us. As I looked up, I FROZE. I would know him anywhere. IT WAS DOUG! He had booked himself on the cruise and arranged to share our table.

His gamble paid off big time. After the cruise, our romance blossomed again. Two years later we were married at a Jamaican resort.

After all those years, what are the odds Doug's card would arrive at the same time my divorce was final? What are the chances our parents would have remained friends all those years, enabling Doug to get Dad's address? In my eyes it was a miracle.

We've now celebrated our 8th anniversary. Doug was WONDERFUL to Dad, asking him to live with us during his last two years of life. Dad died last year at the age of 93. We are no longer caregivers, but do not regret one moment of our time with Dad. My dream is to surprise my wonderful, romantic husband with a vacation to the most romantic place in the world, Hawaii.

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