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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hazel Lee went to Hawaii
Dedicated to Doty Bradley

Submitted by Hazel

After 911, my sister-in-law and I decided that it was now or never. We made plans and went to Maui and had the time of our lives. We went with Nick and Nina Clooney, local celebrities and the parents of actor, George Clooney. They were gracious host & hotess. We had the time of our lives, and wish we could go again. I wrote this poem, to celebrate my love of Hawaii.

Hazel Lee went to Hawaii,
Lucky, lucky, Hazel Lee.
Oh, once more she'd loved to be,
nestled by the sea
in beautiful Hawaii.
Hawaii holds her heart,
And she wishes once more to depart.
She will always recall,
The thrill of it all.
She will always remember,
Hawaii with all it's splendor.
Beautiful and tranquil sea,
That is where she longs to be.

Hazel L. Mauer

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