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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Proud to Be
Dedicated to Mary Souza

Submitted by Nelson

I have been told that I am conceited and arrogant. That is far from the truth, though trials and tribulations in my life I have become a very proud person. There are many things that attribute to the person that I have become today. But, none more then the fact then where I grew up and the family that I have.

My O'hana (family) not only includes immediate family but extended family as well. Extended family includes my friends but long time friends of my entire family. Due to values and love that I have received from my O'hana I have the confidence to know that no matter what happens I will have some one I can count on and someone who loves me. Two things that is necessity in your everyday life. Without that safety net I would not be able to face the world.

Growing up Hawaii, the melting pot of the world I am able to adapt to many different styles and cultures. The Hawaiian people do not have the word racism in their vocabulary. To hate someone of a different race would be a big mistake. Chances are that you have a friend of that race or are part of that ethnicity yourself. There might be stereotypes, but they are mostly for comic relief. As Frank Delima says, our idiosyncrasies is what makes Hawaii unique. Laughter is the only way to keep things normal.

Being many miles from Hawaii I have been asked why I have so much pride in Hawaii when I am not Hawaiian blood. I simply pause and answer, "my blood may not be Hawaiian but my heart is!" The history of Hawaiian people show that they not only strive to keep the culture alive but show no matter what the Hawaiian spirit will always stay strong and will remain everlasting. I like the Native Hawaiian people strive to keep the ways of my people even if I live so far across the sea.

The Sprit of Aloha and the love from my O'hana is what made me the way I am. I will continue to spread the Sprit of Aloha with the world, as I am so luck to receive it.

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