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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Hawaii is Home
Dedicated to My Split apart

Submitted by Larry

I'll never understand how she was able to tear herself away from Hawaii in the first place, but I'm very happy that she did. I'd recently moved home to Oregon and it was there we met. The attraction was instantaneous....she was beautiful, full of life with a great sense of humor and a love for adventure. We were made for each other! We quickly fell in love , were married and went about settling into Oregon together. Her love for Hawaii was obvious from the beginning, and this also appealed to me as I'd visited there and was enamored with the place myself. Midway thru our second wet, cold Oregon winter, we returned to Oahu for a visit.

We arrived late, and after checking into our lodgings, headed straight to the beach for a walk. There on Lanikai Beach, with moonlight reflecting on the water, waves lapping gently at our feet and light trade winds bathing us in that wonderful mixture of sea smells and the aroma of thousands of flowering plants that only Hawaii can offer, I finally sensed what a huge chunk of her heart she'd left there. Holding her close, I could feel the emotion emanating from every pore of her body and knew she was home.

She was more alive those two weeks than I'd ever seen her and I felt myself falling in love with her all over again. Her educated, on-going monologue relating to everything Hawaiian--people, customs, places, flora, fauna, history and the sea--was impressive and indicative of, if not a native, then someone very deeply in love with Hawaii. Hearing her comfort with the language, watching her paddle her kayak with ease along the outer reef in Kailua Bay and finally, seeing tears fill her eyes and sobs wrack her body as our plane turned over Honolulu and headed east, I knew we had to find a way to return, permanently.

It's winter again, and though she gamely lights fires, keeps the woodstove burning and dons boots and bulky clothing to walk the dog through wet snow, her unhappiness is obvious. During long strings of cold, colorless days , I see her withering like a Honu snatched from the waters of Kailua Bay and transplanted in the Arctic Ocean. I spend my nights at the computer searching for a means to return, knowing her life, our life, will never be complete till we're home, in Hawaii.

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