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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Still in Love With You!
Dedicated to Solomon

Submitted by Maria

I've always wanted to return to Hawaii and so I'm sharing my true love story ... ..

I was just 16 years old when I fell in love with the man of my dreams, the one that God had chosen just for me. We saw each other nearly everyday until I went away to college. Although I loved getting to know new people and experiencing new things in life, nothing could satisfy the heart that longed to be with my true love. I missed him so much that when I went home for Thanksgiving, I told him I was ready to get married. Although he had asked me to marry him when I was sixteen, he was prepared to wait four years - until I finished college.

We married on 2/11/78 just over 2 years since our first date of 2/2/76. I was a full time student and he was working for a tubing company. We got married on Saturday, but I had a Linguistics test on Monday. For me, it was back to school since I was still living on campus until the end of the winter semester. No time for a real honeymoon! Later when I came home in the spring, I told him I would like to go to Hawaii some day, but he didn't want to fly. I believed that he would change his mind someday, so I told him that I wouldn't consider any trip a real honeymoon until we go to Hawaii. I was willing to wait patiently and I did. Seven years later he said to me one day, "how would you like to go to Hawaii?" I said, "hold that thought," as I called the airline to book the flight. I didn't want him to change his mind!

His first flight and his only flight to this day was our "honeymoon" trip to Hawaii. It was so beautiful. We spent time riding along the shoreline touring the whole big island, visiting the pineapple factory and walking along the beach.

We've been in love for more than 25 years and we have three children. Our daughter is in college and our two sons are in middle school. We've had many wonderful vacations together visiting family and friends - trips to Disney World and other great places, but we'd really love to visit Hawaii again. This time we'd like to visit the romantic island of Maui! We'd spend time reminiscing about our life together and the hope of many years ahead. I can just see it now - beautiful sunsets, scenic waterfalls and warm tropical waters. Hawaii and Maui - they both end with the sound "we". A wonderful reminder that "we" are so blessed and grateful for a wonderful life together and family to enjoy it with us. Everything we've ever been or hope to be is because of God's everlasting love for us.

With humble thoughts of soon saying Aloha from the beautiful paradise of Hawaii with the one I love.


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