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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Aloha Hawaii
Dedicated to Winnie

Submitted by Francis

We Met 51 years ago, both being in the US Army, we married just 3 months after we met, we were both stationed in the Lettrman Army Hospital, in San Francisco, I being sent there after returning from 18 Months in Korea during the war there, we actually got married in Reno, Nevada, we were on a 3 day weekend pass from our duty, shortly sfter we returned to Letterman I reenlisted again and was assigned to Japan, my Wife, returned home to Hawaii, while there she discoveded she was pregnant with our first child, I was given a 10 day leave to go visit my parents in Philadelphia, Pa., then I reported to Seattle Washington & boarded a troop Ship headed for Japan, Via Honolulu, when the ship arrived in Honolulu I phoned my Wife & told her I was aboard a ship at the Honolulu Pier, she immediately came down to see me, BUT, although she was there on the pier, & I being aboard the military ship, I wasn't allowed to leave the ship to see her, SO, all my buddies kept telling me to GO, Go, & when the guard at the gangplank wasn't looking & walked away a bit I ran down the bangplank & into the arms of my beautiful wife, BUT, just then the guard saw me, as my buddies aboard the ship were yelling & cheering me on.... AND I was ordered back on board.. BUT, I was happy to have been able to hug & kiss my lovely Hawaiian Wife.... AND although we've been married for 51 years & have raised 6 children & have 15 Grandchildren, we've NEVER really had a honeymoon to speak of, other than the 3 day weekend pass that we were on when we got married in Reno.... I'd like to be able to do just that Now...

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