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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Two Times the Charm
Dedicated to My Rodney

Submitted by Jennifer

I was in the Navy only a brief time when I met Rodney. He was also in the Navy and we both would spend our infrequent free time at the enlisted club on Barbers Point NAS, on the southern tip of Oahu, Hawaii. We loved to sing and found that doing Karaoke was a good way to enjoy ourselves. For a couple of years we were just friends, talking to one another about ourselves and just laughing together. Soon however, we began to see each other in a "romantic" light and began to date. We didn't really tell anyone, because we just wanted to enjoy one another. I was in an accident however, and had to be taken to the hospital one evening and when I returned another friend of ours said she knew something was up there because Rodney had never looked so scared in his life. I knew then that he loved me.

In December of 1991 we married in Hawaii and spent a couple of more months on the island before I was released from the Navy and we transferred to Rodney's new duty station. We spent several years traveling to other bases and expanding our family to include three wonderful children.

In 2000, as we were contemplating where we wanted to transfer to next, Rodney brought up the possibility of going back to Hawaii. His detailer worked out orders for him to go to Kaneohe MCB on the Northern side of Oahu. We arrived in November of 2000, the week of Thanksgiving. One week later, Rodney left for deployment for six months. We had never done a straight six months apart, however, we made it through with flying colors. He was able to come home and spend one year with us before going on another deployment. This time things did not go as smoothly as they had before. We were uncommunicative and stubborn, causing problems that we just could not deal with at the time. When he returned to Hawaii, we began divorce proceedings and I brought the kids back to Texas so that I could be near my family.

After spending some time apart, Rodney and I began to both get counseling and realized that we were still very much in love with one another. After we quit letting pride get in the way, we were able to say "I was wrong" and "I love you more than anything in the world". We spent time together during a recent visit and knew that we wanted to be back together more than anything. He first has to get through one more deployment, which he just left for the first of December. It will be his last deployment before he transfers to a new command in the fall of 2004. The military guys who deploy want more than anything else to have family waiting for them when they return and I would like to be there in Hawaii when he flies in the first part of June. We would like to get married once again, this time involving our children. It would be even more special to do it there in Hawaii where we fell in love and where we would like to renew our love.

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