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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Crossing Paths
Dedicated to Love from Afar

Submitted by David

My story of love spanned the slim period of time between September and December. I termed it my autumn encounter. I had attended my Monday and Wednesday morning classes as faithfully as I possibly could to carry on a simple love affair. From the first week of university, I have watched and become enchanted by an angelic creature that would quickly sweep into class just as quickly as she would sweep out. I over confidently took her to be my destiny when it happened that she was to be in my tutorial as well. She caught the gazes of my eyes not only because of her sheer beauty, but also because of the refreshing blend of charm, sweetness and gracefulness she quietly exuded.

I made a point of it to find out her name without having to introduce myself to her. She may have had an ordinary sounding name but to me, she was anything but ordinary. Because of the shyness and obvious insecurities I possessed when I was around her, we spoke very little to each other and only in passing. We rarely said anything to each other that was outside the scope of our politics course. To her, I must have been just another guy in one of her classes, nobody special. It really made no difference to me. She was the most captivating woman I have ever seen. Her straight blonde hair rolled down over her shoulders the same way every time I saw her ? it just seemed to stay that way.

I spent the next couple of months cunningly catching subtle glimpses of her beauty during lectures. My attempts to be discreet about my glances were only in vain. I was hiding nothing that the rest of the class had not already known. I was one of those guys who fall in love from afar.

I realised that our time in class was dwindling so I knew I had to make a move before it was too late. I decided to ask her out for Ka'u, Hawaii coffee, on the last day of class. That way, I would not have to face her again if she turned me down. It figured that I would chicken out when the perfect time to ask her had presented itself.

Fortunately, I saw her the night before our exam in the library studying and I talked to her. Knowing where she was sitting, I built up enough courage to ask to borrow her notes from a class that I had missed. In return I offered my study notes to her. I insisted that she keep my study notes but she insisted on returning them. During both exchanges of papers, I tried unsuccessfully to briefly and slyly touch her hand. Her hands were the most dainty I have ever seen. When we parted, she waved goodbye in the most charming of feminine ways. The sight of her fingers undulating with an open hand made me weak in the knees. That night I had the most wonderful of slumbers, dreaming of what could or might transpire between the two of us.

It was serendipitous that she was seated beside me in the next row over when we wrote our exam the next night. I had a difficult time concentrating, knowing how pretty she was when seeing her mull over facts in her head. Brimming with confidence after the exam, I asked her what she was doing later so that I could ask her out for that coffee. She looked at me with her beautiful green eyes and a sympathetic smile and said, "I have an exam tomorrow morning that I have to study for." I felt crushed at first. I later realised that it probably just was not meant to be for her and I. Maybe she, too, is in love with someone and wants to be there in the library to exchange notes when he comes.

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