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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Selfless LOVE
Dedicated to my wife ---Joan

Submitted by Mike

It was a brief moment that happened when I was struct with awe, when I met this sweet looking gal with other girls around her. I couldn't help myself being the jokester I was in college. I teased her about her mocassen she had on and I sort of made her blush. From then on we tried to see and talk to each other whenever we could, even though the school rules were against us to even date each other. Being from Hawaii, this was against my upbringing, not being able to date one outside of your culture. Nevertheless we decided to go against that rule and eloped one weekend and got married in Chicago. It didn't seem possible but I was then a married person. We left school to return to my home in Hawaii where we lived for 11 years and our three boys were born. Then we returned to school to finish my education. After all these years my wife have yet to complain to me about leaving Hawaii and live in a place where one don't know his neighbor or away from the sunshine and beauty of Hawaii. We have loved living in the sunshine Isle and at the base of the Koolau's on the windward side of O'ahu. I can still remember the sunny mornings waking up to the gentle tradewinds outside my window with the birds singing their tunes of relaxing life in Hawaii. We love the memories of life in Kaneohi and the surrounding beaches where we'd go for picnics, and fly kites with our children, or fishing along the shoreline. Our neighbors would all gather around our table out on the yard just to talk or have a cookout and children knew no restiction of staying out of ones yard in playing their games. Yes, my wife of 45 years still has not complained of the life that was denied to her by us moving to the mainland, where life is restricted by the seasons and the many fenced in areas of our neighborhood, and the beaches are far away. Now that our children have grown and have children of their own, returning to Hawaii is more of a dream to come true.

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