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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Christmas Tree
Dedicated to My Wife Doris

Submitted by Duane

In 1953 I was stationed on the Island of Midway and my wife was in Honolulu, Hawaii. I got Christmas leave to visit her for a few days. She did not know I was coming and did not have a Christmas Tree and on Christmas Eve, none were available.

I walked to the local Sears Store and saw a small store artificial tree. I asked if I could borrow it and return if after Christmas. I had very little money, but offered to leave my good watch and some military ID. The department manager declined, but I went to the store Manager. He allowed me to borrow it.

I walked the mile and a half, carrying this lettle tree out in front of me, so as not to damage it, to my Wife's apartment.

So we had a Christmas Tree for the short holiday.

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