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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

30th Anniversary
Dedicated to Donna, my wife of 30 years

Submitted by Steve

Every gift has a story. Every love story in Hawaii has a happy ending.

It was their 30th anniversary. Who would have thought that two young kids would still be together 30 years later and still be as in love and as in lust as they were back then. In his eyes, she looked exactly as she did so very long ago. And she still saw the smiling boy, but not the gray hair.

As they drove up the steep, winding street east of Waimea Bay, he told her of a large heiau he had found that had a gorgeous view of the Bay. When they reached the heiau, they looked around and walked toward the edge of the cliff. He was right. It was a gorgeous view, as most views are in Paradise.

As they stood above Waimea Bay, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box. As she opened the box, he gently told her "Happy anniversary, sweetheart." He smiled, with tears of joy in his eyes. "The symbol of the 30th anniversary is pearls. Wear this pearl broach with love and always be with me."

As she lovingly put on the broach, she looked in his eyes, kissed him tenderly, and promised, "I will love you forever."

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