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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dreaming of Hawaii
Dedicated to All The Dreamers Out There

Submitted by Sandi

All my life I had heard about Hawaii. My mother and her sister lived there when they were very young. Their father flew in the Navy Air Force, and they were stationed there when Pearl Harbor was bombed. They were evacuated to California, some 2 weeks later.

My mother spoke occasionally of this time, but her main remembrances have always been of the natives, of the school there, of the big Banyan tree she climbed, of the Hula dances, of the beaches.

I had heard of Hawaii, the weather, the blue waters, the beaches, the fruit and produce. Truly a paradise!

Then finally my husband and I were able to visit, this last year. We had always wanted to!

We went to Oahu, and rented a car for the week. We stayed in Waikiki, able to see the ocean from our balcony. We explored the island. We were there in February, when the waves on the North Shore are HUGE! We watched the surfers--awesome!

We saw a rainbow on the way back to the hotel, like none we had ever seen before. Looking at it I could almost FEEL the colors, the green,red,and blue interweaving with each other.

Another day was spent at the Polynesian Culture Center. It immersed us in the cultures from the Pacific, each one similar, but different from the rest. What a fascinating day!

We also visited the Dole pineapple plantation. The tour showed us a history of agriculture, island style. The land around the plantation is so different from the other areas we had seen so far. This was higher in elevation, with clouds and mists, and daily rains. Though still tropical in nature, the landscape, the red earth, were so very different from the seaside towns.

Everywhere we went we were welcomed. And the welcome was genuine! We dream now of Hawaii, and of when we can return. Each time the winter closes in on us here, I pull out my snapshots and leave the gray weather behind with the memories of the warm beautiful land we fell in love with.

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