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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Every Day
Dedicated to Joe

Submitted by Laura

Overdue bills and soccer games, shoveling snow and raking leaves, sometimes feel like drudgery. Somehow this normal life is transformed when we are together. The sun glinting in your hair, the crinkles around your eyes. Stolen kisses in the kitchen so the children don't groan ewwww!

You kiss my neck when I'm up to my elbows in suds. There is no moment, no incident that names us romantic, or glamorous, or special.

It's everyday life; it's the glue that cannot be named. When you rush in on a summer evening and grab my hand to show me how bright the stars are, when you praise the children and make them glow.

No exotic vacation in Hawaii, no surprise flowers or candy. But a daily phone call to say good morning, how is your day, I miss you, I'm sorry to hear it, I am happy for you. The romance is in the lasting, the strength, the quiet joy of being friends, a couple and a family.

The 16 years that were a blink of the eye. The years that cannot ever be lost or reduced or summed up in any card.

We didn't see our treasure until we looked back, in the pictures and memories, the videos, the remember-whens. When we were old enough to see it we never lost sight, we know where to always find it and know there is always enough, even abundance. It's a different treasure than we were expecting; it is the infinite one.

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