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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Looking for a miracle.
Dedicated to Meredith

Submitted by Anonymous

My original story was too long so many details needed to be left. This is about a friend who introduced me to her friend. She lives in HAWAII and I live on the east coast of Canada near the Michigan border.

Around last July she had e-mailed me and told me that a friend or hers Meredith, the girl this is about, was looking for someone nice to talk to and she mentioned me to her friend. She hoped I did not mind. I did not mind in the slightest. She had already made a big impression on me that a friend would just be really nice. It was a huge compliment that she thought that much of me to mention me to her friend. Her friend e-mailed me within the next couple days and we started getting to know each other. Most of our conversations have been by e-mail but we have had some brief chat sessions. While getting to know her better, Meredith mentioned to me how her parents met on vacation where her mother was from HAWAII and on the second vacation her dad made to HAWAII to visit her was all it took for them to get together and marry. She was telling me how HAWAII was just made for couples in love with the breath-taking scenery and beaches. She joked how they put a spell on people to keep them there, I replied with if I ever was there meeting her and her friends that I would put a spell on myself to stay. She answered with "then you would have two spells"

On my birthday last September when we had our first real time chat that was not e-mail. It was my best birthday present that year. In the couple months I had talked to her she had made a huge impression on me and that conversation was going very well I asked her if she thought with the way things were going if she thought we could be more than friends. She had told me yes but the way she said it made me think that she may have been hoping I would ask her so I did. She was hoping I did.

I mentioned trying to visit HAWAII for a vacation but mainly to see her. She offered to show me the best places. February 7th she e-mailed me asking me to be her valentine. She said even though we are not really "together" and live on opposite sides of the country she wanted me to be hers. I did not hesitate to say yes as I was going to ask her closer to Valentine's day. After she got my reply where I asked her to be mine as well she had asked me if I was honestly serious about coming to HAWAII to meet. I am but my situation makes it very difficult under normal circumstances to make it there and I have never been to HAWAII.

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