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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Greatest Love
Dedicated to Robyn

Submitted by Dan

Our love story is full of happiness, sadness, irony and hope. Some might say it is a cinderella story, but I say it is the greatest event of my life. It began (again) with an email and one's hope for the possibility of a future. What that future would be was not certain, but nonetheless, some kind of future. This is a story of two soul mates who met in high school at the whim of their mothers. A story of passionate love for each other, but a sad story that that love was never fulfilled... until now. But to understand this story of happiness, sadness, irony and hope, we must start from the beginning.

Twenty-three years ago, I met Robyn through our conniving mothers. Maybe it should be Mothers Know Best. We began dating and grew in our relationship, realizing that we both loved each other (albeit not communicated well by me). Off and on over the years, we dated for months and broke up for longer periods. I went away to college, she got married. I started working in Atlanta and she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She separated from her husband and we dated again, but again it was not meant to be. All told, we broke up on three separate occassions, even though we both knew we were each other's soul mate and passionately loved one another. But geographic distance and lack of maturity kept us from realizing our destiny. We continued to look elsewhere. Happiness and sadness continued to be our pattern.

Time ticked away and I got married and Robyn remarried. It had been twelve years since we had last talked when I received an email, easily recognizable because she used her maiden name. One I had thought about often, but hadn't seen in a long-long time. We each learned, ironically, that we were both very unhappy in our marriages. I believe we both realized that we never married who we wanted...each other. In the first few seconds we talked, it was as if we had never been apart.

Now as we unravel our lives, she lives in Dallas and I live in Alabama, we realize what has always been missing. Today we are more mature and open in our relationship and we know that destiny will finally be fulfilled. Our hearts and souls are full of hope of getting the chance to spend our lives together, share the joy, sorrow, love and passion that we have for each other. Each day that I see her, I grow more and more in love with her. We have plans to marry in a dream wedding in Hawaii, with the sunset and surf in the background, no better beginning to a wonderful life together.

That is my greatest story. A very incredible one. One of a high school sweetheart. One of many disappointments and sadness. One of hope for fulfillment of the greatest love two can have for each other.

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