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Love Stories of Hawaii


Two Dozen Surprises
Dedicated to my husband Tom

Submitted by Mindy

We were married in April 2002, a day we couldn't wait for; we were so excited to be married and joined together. Unfortunately, we had one night for a honeymoon, and then we had to get back to our daily jobs and Tom's school schedule. Not long after, our baby boy was born, bringing us tons of joy on August 25th of last year. However, Tom has been struggling ever since to provide for our little family while continuing his education, and as a result, recently decided to join the National Guard.

He will be gone for six months to complete his basic training. I wanted to surprise him when he came home to a honeymoon (a long time coming) in Hawaii. I thought it would match his sweet Valentine's Day surprise given to me a few years back.

We were dating at the time and Tom came over after work. He told me to run out and return a video we had rented a few days ago. I was really hurt that he didn't offer to do it on his way home, or at least come with me to return it. After all it was Valentine's Day! Grudgingly I left the house and opened my car door to find a dozen red roses and a sweet love note. I read the note and ran back inside to tell him thank you and that I loved him.

Well, to my surprise he sent me right back out to the car to return the video. This time I wasn't mad, but still a little taken aback that he really did want me to return the movie. When I came home, I couldn't find him. As I walked to the back of the house I saw rose petals scattered all over the floor. There was a trail of red and yellow petals leading to my bedroom. When I opened the door I saw another love note on my pillow and another dozen roses, this time yellow ones. To my surprise, Tom had snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist to tell me how much he loved me. He brought tears to my eyes, with his thoughtfulness.

Tom never fails to tell me how beautiful I am, even when I'm dripping with Attie's spit up, and haven't taken a shower yet for the day. He is all man but at the same time very giving, and his smile can light a room. He always makes others feel that they come first. He is the kind of man that stops watching his favorite TV show everyday so he can talk to his wife after she comes home from work, just to see how her day was. He is the kind of father that can fill the whole house with laughter just by tickling Attie. Our story may not be the fairytale I always imagined, but he far exceeds the man I've always dreamed of who would make my life complete.

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