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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

To My Husband
Dedicated to Dennis

Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Dennis,

I hope this letter finds you well. I'm doing very well myself. Do you realize that on
June 12, 2004 we will have been married for twenty-two years? Actually,if you count the five years we were together in the beginning, when we both were to scared to make a commitment, we have been together for twenty-seven years. That's really special to me and I pray that we continue to weather the storms together. You've been a wonderful husband to me and father to our two sons. I don't tell you enough that I love you and appreciate all you do and have done for us. Do you remember our first date? Who would have ever imagined that our passionate love for each other would have lasted for twenty-seven years now. I'm still just as passionate for you as I was that night after Thanksgiving dinner when Alice and Danny introduced us. They thought it would be so funny to fix two totally different people up on a blind date and watch them suffer. We showed them, if you remember Dennis you still had your leg in a cast from the car crash you were in. I had both my arms in casts because of the accident I was in. We were suffering, but we made it through all those days. We have truly been blessed by the Lord and have a lot to thankful for. In the beginning we were only sure of one thing and that was how much we loved one another.

That love for each other and continued blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ will see us through to eternity. I love you now and for always Dennis and I'm going to take you to Hawaii on a honeymoon you will never forget just you and I.

Your one and only wife,


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