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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Paradise is Where Your Heart Is
Dedicated to In memory of my Dad

Submitted by Anonymous

"Good morning radio listeners! Today's temps will be a real heat wave folks! Yep! 20-degrees!And don't forget to wish your love ones a Happy Valentines Day"

Oh, that's nice I thought as I bundled up my 2 1/2-year old in a one piece snowsuit. I didn't get my boyfriend anything for Valentines Day. Snapping up the snowsuit...I humored at the way he snickered and made scrunched up faces with each snap! I was getting closer and closer to the snap right under his chin! But he remained asleep right to the very last snap! This was good I thought, as he wasn't grumbling with me this morning. Reaching down for his knit hat, I thought for sure he would wake up because he really hates wearing this hat! But a quick glance at the clock on the wall reminded me that I was running late this morning. "Come on babe! The car...Oh darn! I forgot to start it up this morning! Sure hope there isn't much snow and ice to brush and scrap off!" Putting my jacket on and leaving it unzipped, I slipped my feet into my over sized snow boots. Then grabbing the car keys, I glanced over at my son still fast asleep on the sofa where I had dressed him. The knit hat had slipp
d over his eyes showing only his nose, round cheeks and mouth. I thought for a quick moment that if he was awake...Boy, would this be one of those really great mornings! But he was still fast asleep! Having not even a second to enjoy the rest of this quiet morning, I checked again to make sure I had the car keys and quickly ran out the front door closing it behind me. I then jumped into the driver's seat and started the car up to get it going. Power choked through and then eventually powered through the engine. "Whew!" I thought, "Thank God it started right up!" Slamming the car door, I ran back into the house and then, for a brief moment, swiftly caught my balance as I slipped slightly upon the ice. Then arms filled with baby, and purse swung over one shoulder and the diaper bag over the other...I glanced back behind me at the clock on the wall..."Hmm"...I thought..."I sure do hope they got the roads clear this morning" and slammed the front door.

The roads weren't too badly covered with snow and there was some icy spots underneath the snow making it not safe to be driven upon in some areas. Looking at my son through the rear view mirror, I could see his dark round eyes peeking out from under the knit hat. I was pleased at myself for remembering to pull his hat up above his eyes before we drove away from the house. Satisfied, I pushed the Cecilio and Kapono cassette tape into the cassette player..."It's been a Good Time Together...lalalala...warmth of the sun! Gonna be a long time together and the best is yet to come!" It was then at that very moment, I began to miss my family back in Hawaii. My heart felt heavy within my chest while a single tear rolled down over my left cheek. I was then shaken out of my sadness by the piercing screams coming from the back seat of the car. I quickly glanced into the rear view mirror and to my dismay, saw that my son's knit hat had slipped down over his eyes. His hands were covered up by his mittens and his arms were too thick and stiff within the coat for him to reach up and pull his hat off! I tuned the screams out of my head and turned my attention back to my driving and the song. Although, to the side from the rear view mirror I can see little arms flapping up and down like a stuffed chicken being held down against it's will!

Work was busy but at least it made the time go by faster. Just then, I received a call from the front desk receptionist who sits all the way up the front of the plant. "Iris, I have something here at the front desk for you". I then quickly finished up what I had started and asked the other girls if they would cover for me while I hurried up to the front office. As I got closer I could see the back of the receptionist seated behind her desk facing the front door entrance. Then off to the right from where she sat I saw them. As I got closer it became clearer...There waiting for me was a dozen "Red Roses" in a clear crystal vase bright and glowing with such radiant beauty! My heart jumped as I picked the vase up bringing one of the roses up to my nose to sniff. The strong sweet fragrance from the rose filled my inner soul, enlightening all the happiness and love that I had inside of me! I could feel a hot flush fill up into my cheeks! "Someone really loves you!" said the receptionist. I smiled and thanked her. Picking the vase up carefully, I carried the roses proudly back through the plant and displayed it upon my desk. Later that afternoon I received his call..."Did you get your surprise?" "Yes! and Thank you!" I told him...and "Happy Valentines Day to you too!" Before we hung up, I could hear my son and Ashley (my stepdaughter now) in the background screaming, laughing and jumping around excitedly. "Hurry home, now love"..."I will and thank you again. Tell the kids I love them and I love you too!"

It's been 15-years now since I moved to Michigan from Hawaii. I have many fond memories growing up in Hawaii as a child and as much as I love and miss my family back home...Michigan is my home now. This is where God intended for me to be. I have found true love with my husband, Ricky and our two teenagers who are now, Ashley-16 & Gerry-15. In the future, if my calling is for me to return back to Hawaii (currently playing the lotto!) I will be sure to welcome that opportunity open heartily!

For now, I await patiently along with all the Michigan residents for "Spring" to arrive and of all the lessons and situations I've experienced throughout my lifetime. I've come to realize and believe that, no matter where you go, no matter where you live or what you do...
"Paradise is where your heart is!"

Aloha! Iris C. Butts

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