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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Day We Really Knew...
Dedicated to Ryan

Submitted by Anonymous

the day my boyfriend and i really knew we loved eachother was when i was very sick in the hospital. the doctor came into the room and told my family, my boyfriend and i that it was very serious and there was a significant chance i would not make it. my parents, siser, and boyfriend kept strong in front of me, reasuring me that everything would be fine. my parents had just met my boyfriend of 5 months whom i met at college the week before at a giants baseball game in my hometown. i remember my dad coming into the room and telling me that i had a great man by my side and that he knew his little girl was in good hands. i found out a while later that my father and my boyfriend were both in tears over the scary news, and that they comforted eachother. two days later i was due for surgey and my boyfriend came into the room an hour before to calm my nerves. he told me to close my eyes and relax. he then told me to think of us walking of a beach in hawaii together, the sun on our face, the waves hitting our feet, everything a girl would love to experience with the man she loves. especially when she is sick and does not know the outcome. i remember one thing while going under before my surgery and it was of my boyrfriend and i on a beach in hawaii. it calmed my nerves and filled my heart with joy and serenity. it is almost two years later, i am completly healthy (god bless), he has graduated, and i will graduate in may. still being in school we have not had the money to go to hawaii, but now that i am healthy and we both will have no school oriented obligations it is a perfect that we spend our free time in the place that gave me strength with the man who gave me stength...hawaii.

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