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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A New Start
Dedicated to Terri

Submitted by Roy

My wife died and at the age of 48, not in the best physical shape I've ever been in ,balding, and wondering how I would cope with my new loneliness I thought I would look for a possible date on the internet. I went on AOL's loveline and left and ad with a photo with a note that said "Here I am, I look like a deer caught in the headlights". I never thought that anyone would be interested but my friends all said " are you kidding, Here you are,Straight,College educated, a good job and you were married for 23 years so you know what commitment is." to which I replied Oh yeah, an ole broken down war horse, that will interest a lot of women. I was wrong.

Terri answered my ad. We corresponded for about 3 months and got to know one another, albiet by email only , and finally met one afternoon at a public resturant ,I kidded her that I wanted to a. see if both eyes functioned together and b. find where she hid her ax and she wanted to know where I hid my ax. We were both leary of something happening. Well lunch was wonderful and last Nov.8 we celebrated our 3 wedding anniversary.Now I hope to take my lovely wife to Hawaii some day soon for another Honeymoon which we could not afford at first, other than to borrow a beach house from a friend.

You just need to believe that Love can happen and it will.


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