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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreaming Together Forever
Dedicated to Gt

Submitted by Anonymous

At a fresh young age of 19, I set off on my own with my 2-year old daughter Ashlee, leaving an abusive relationship of 4 years. I'd decided it was better to raise my daughter with 1 happy parent rather than 2 miserable parents. While working full time trying to earn a bachelor's degree, I met a friend to confide in. Although I was set to live my life happily ever after and raise my daughter on my own, I told him of my "dream husband". I had a dream one night that included someone that I worked and mentioned it to him. He said "I bet you $5 that you can't ask him to lunch". I told him "I have nothing to lose, but I'm not going to lose $5 to you". The next day I sent an email to my "dream man" with a "would you like to join me for lunch sometime". A reply of "I'd love to, how about on Wednesday" came back within minutes. I about choked. Although my "dream man" appeared to be everything on the outside that I desired "tall, dark and handsome" I would wait to see if he had everything I was looking for on the inside. Well, it appears he did. I received my Bachelor's of Science degree and got married all in one month. We were married Valentines Day of 2000 where he married me as well as granting my daughter with a ring to be her father.

We always dreamed of building a house together, and decided in order to save money we would need to do most of the work ourselves and be our own general contractor. Little did we realize what such a project entailed. Shortly after we broke ground, we were pregnant. So here we are pregnant, working full time, while trying to build our "dream home" by ourselves. Well, life happens. Our daughter Kacie was born 1/2 way through the project on a hot 102 degree day, arriving unexpectedly a month early. The long, hot, dehydrating days got the best of me. Although it took nearly 18 months to complete, we recently got to close on our home. Looking back upon the sleepless nights of a newborn, working on the house until midnight, & getting up at 6 am to get ready for work, we realize how truly blessed we are. We take great pride in our new home with an understanding of how some marriages cannot withstand the tribulations that come in completing such a project. We feel as though, if our marriage can withstand everything that we have been through in the past few years, we are set for life. My husband is a wonderful father to our 2 daughters, a very loving, hard-working husband, and my best friend…the one I long for, live for, dream with, and love. I feel that winning a trip to Hawaii would give him the much needed vacation that he truly deserves.

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