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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Magic of the Islands
Dedicated to Lovers Everywhere

Submitted by Brenda

Things hadn't been going right for a while. A long while. My husband and I were more like ships passing in the night than a couple, a partnership, a marriage. It had kind of snuck up on us, I didn't even really notice. He did his thing, I did mine. We never seemed to have time to talk anymore, much less time to do things together. The demise of our marriage wasn't something either of us set out to do, it just happened over time.

In the good old days, we used to share everything. Every night we'd talk over each other's day and spend the evening just enjoying being together. Dinnertime was always a shared event and we'd have grand conversations while planning and dreaming of our future. I think the trouble started when - little by little - that hallowed dinnertime was gradually abandoned for the sake of our careers. I'd have to work late, or he would. Before we even realized it, we rarely broke bread together. Of course that also meant we rarely had time to talk - really talk - either.

I couldn't help but wonder why I was on an airplane, sitting next to the man who had become not much more than a stranger - a mere roommate - really, winging our way to the most romantic place on earth for fourteen incredibly long days alone together? Hawaii. Paradise. Honeymoon Central. Our honeymoon had been over for a very long time. He had no idea when he purchased this dream vacation of my intentions to vacation alone this year in order to plan how I would ask him for a divorce so we could both move on with our lives. I decided to make the best of it and at least get a good tan.

When people talk about the romance of Hawaii, they aren't kidding. Too bad they can't bottle it and sell it! After the first couple of days, which were decidedly awkward as we reconnected and started communicating again, Hawaii's magic began its subtle work on both of us. Who can say what was more effective - the sunsets, the beach, the abundance of aloha spirit from everyone we came in contact with. Or was it the quiet nights, walking on the beach, with the distant sound of music from each hotel we passed. All I know is that during one of those moonlight strolls, his hand brushed against mine and sent shivers from my head to my toes like I hadn't felt in years. I saw him once again as the man I loved.

Fourteen days - and romantic nights - later we headed for home in an entirely different frame of mind. We'd found each other again. We'd found ourselves again. We'd rediscovered the magic of our love and found what had been missing - the romance, the communication, the time, the utter importance of our union. We vowed to return to our island paradise each year to recommit ourselves to each other and to our marriage.

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