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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love At First Buy
Dedicated to Rebecca Lefebvre

Submitted by Gaylan

It all started in Barstow, CA November 12, 1999. I was at the register paying for my purchase and the cashier thanked me by first name. The woman standing behind me said, "oh what an unusual name." We started talking and had lunch. Her name is Rebecca. She was on her way from Vegas to Disneyland to celebrate her 30th birthday with her two little girls. We exchanged numbers. I couldn't stop thinking about her once she drove away. I was stationed at Ft Irwin in Barstow, Ca at the time and she was newly divorced and worked from home. She got back from California and called me. We talked all night that first night and then I found myself driving to Vegas to see her every chance I got. I eventually got out to the military and moved to Vegas. We would be up all night talking and she would be waiting everyday at the door with a huge smile that made me forget the troubles of the day. It has been four years now and it seems like yesterday that we met. We have been through so much together. I've finally reached that point in my life and if not for Rebecca's strong will, devotion, and dedication to me, I would still be lost. We are now in a long distant committed relationship. I took a two year government contract job in Balad, Iraq last March. My incentive was to get out of debt and have a clean and clear future with Rebecca. I'm coming home in May on LOA and we are coming to Hawaii and I'm planning to ask Rebecca to marry me. She has always wanted to visit Hawaii as a matter of fact she made a list when she was 16 of things she wanted to accomplish before age 40 and Hawaii is number 2. Number 1 was always be true to herself and she has definitely done that. She is a wonderful mother, friend, person, and lover. She is fun and exciting. She always has a word of encouragement for me whenever we talk and she is so supportive. I am so glad that she needed to buy new shoes for her trip; otherwise I never would have met this amazing light in my life. It is true; you can find true love when you aren't looking for it. I truly believe that she is my sole mate. I want to thank her in the most amazing way. She thinks that we are going to Hawaii to celebrate my 30th birthday and has no idea of what I have planned. It is so funny, she is always wanting me to write her a love letter, now look at me I'm writing my feelings about her to a total stranger. I want the world to know how much I love her and how if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be at this point in my life without her.

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