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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Coming Home
Dedicated to To My Timeless Love

Submitted by Brenda

After many long years I found myself once again strolling my favorite stretch of beach in Hawaii. I first fell in love with this awesome place at the tender age of seventeen. Thirty years later my affections had not wavered. The sky was deep blue, the trade winds were blowing softly, the warm sand felt delightful between my toes. I was in total peace - all was right in my world.

I stood at the end of what is known in Waikiki as "The Wall" - mesmerized by the magnificence of the ocean, watching one surfer, then another. One face caught my eye; a long-lost memory sprang to life. Laughing to myself, I brushed the memory aside. But as he caught another wave, the memory danced in my mind.

While he rode the wave to shore, I rode the one in my mind. So many years ago, I had been naive and innocent. I'd loved him the moment I saw him. I had never met anyone like him; he fascinated me. Several years older than I, he'd been the wiser one. We talked, we laughed, he even kissed me once, but nothing more. And then I was back home on the mainland.

I hurried down to where he stood on the beach. As I walked toward him, he lifted his head and glanced my way. When his deep brown eyes met mine, time stood still. My breath caught in my chest as I waited until his memory caught up with his eyes. A smile spread slowly across his face as he recognized the amorous teenager from long ago. We stood for several moments, staring at each other, neither knowing what to say and both afraid to break the spell time had woven.

When he finally spoke, it was simple, and yet profound, "You're here, you came back." Thirty years were suspended between us - two separate lifetimes that no longer mattered. I said quietly, "Yes." He nodded toward a section of beach and we walked in silence to where his jeans lay in a heap. He sat down and offered me his hand as I sat down next to him.

More moments of silence followed before he asked me if I was there to stay. When I assured him I was, he took my hand in his. I had an eerie sense deep in my soul that I'd finally come home - and not just to the island I'd cherished in my heart for decades. We talked about what the past thirty years had held for each of us, and we reveled in the fate or fortune that had brought us together again. Just as the sun set, he held me in his strong arms and kissed me tenderly. We left the beach together that magical evening and haven't been apart since. It's hard to believe two more decades have passed since that wonderful day when the two loves of my life finally came together and made me whole.

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