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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dedicated to Jorge

Submitted by Anonymous

In a place far away, i took this trip alone. Hawaii was the name of it. feeling alone I walked the beach sun going down real slow. I walked on the sandy beach and saw some fresh prints in the sand. seeing how i was the only one on the beach at the time I decided to follow them along. Water flowing upward touching my toes filling the prints of sand, I was led to an upcomming rock, but behind it was a man, tall and brown, sitting there in the sand. He was alone and I was alone in this beatiful place called hawaii. I said to him why do you sit alone, and what are you holding in your hand? He looked at me and said I've been waiting for you it seems like forever I had this dream long ago to go to hawaii on this day and wait on the beach just as the sun was going down,and my destiny would find me then he reached from behind him and lit two candles and stuck them in the sand.Then I noticed his face it was my first love from high school, then Pulled out two glasses filled with wine, and gave one to me. We toasted to a night not alone, and a second chance as we watched the sun go down.

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