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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Many Islands of Love
Dedicated to The one who "loved me into being"

Submitted by Tanya

Albert and I had a perfect love. We met at work and we became friends. As time went on, we developed more than friendship. We realized that we had many commonalities. Our love started as a friendship and before we knew it we were in love. Smiles were on our faces that were as wide as the ocean. No matter what, we were always together, helping and inspiring one another. Each and every day there was magic… the magic was something called love.

The days turned into years and Albert and I were as happy as ever. We talked about our wedding and decided that we would fly to Hawaii to get married. We wanted a small wedding, something unique. Our love was beautiful, unique, inspirational, and magical; it was also something that everyone wants, but few can have. Like Hawaii, our love was something that everyone dreamed of, but few people would ever have the chance to experience it.

The most magical and special part of Albert and my relationship was the trust, growth, and inspiration that we gave one another. We were always learning, growing, and changing with one another. He inspired me to be the person I am. He was the one person in my life who made me realize for the first time that I can achieve exactly what I wanted. I too inspired him. We worked as a team to accomplish what we wanted. We saw things clear together and our hopes and dreams were exact to one another's as if we were one person. All of our dreams were coming true one by one.

As fate would have it, she decided that Albert and I were no longer meant to be with one another. Fate may have gotten her way; however, the love that Albert and I shared went beyond something that a god could control. The people we became today were formed from the yesterdays which we shared and the love we had. We may be broken as a couple, but because of the love we shared, we are both complete as individuals.

Albert and I still speak once in a while. We realized that the relationship we shared together may be over, but the love and strength we gained from it would never die. Albert and I did not live happily ever after together; we lived happily ever after apart because even though we are no longer one, we still dream of Hawaii…only now each of us has our own island to dream of because of the love that was from one.

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