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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Remember Then, Cherish Now
Dedicated to My Husband John

Submitted by Anonymous

I was fourteen and you were seventeen - the year was 1954. I remember the high school dances, basketball games and parties we attended. I remember walking home and holding hands so tightly so nothing could come between us. I remember sitting on a hill watching the Fourth of July fireworks and talking about the day we would be watching fireworks with our children. We married on August 22, 1959. You were 22 and I was 19. Within five years we had four beautiful children, and within 37 years we had added nine grandchildren. In our almost 45 years (in August, 2004), we have had our good times and our bad times, our sorrows and joys. I prefer to remember the joys (remember that trip to heavenly Hawaii?) along with the joys you continue to bring to me each day. We are in love more than ever and when we hold hands tightly, it is a sign of our enduring love and conquering of all the challenges we met through the years. It is also a holding on to what we have and realizing that someday in the hopefully distant future, one of those hands will only have memories to hold onto. I love you and thank you for always walking beside me!

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